Monday, December 15, 2008

Election: 2008

9th Parliamentary Election taking place in two weeks.
At last Bangladesh sees the light. The democracy is going to take place! Is that true what i just have written here in this blog page. I dont think so. The path toward democracy is not that easyer what we think. Seems like Sheikh Hasina and her Awami League is confident. And on the other hand BNP dont want to take part in the election. My question is why? doesn't it smell somthing that there is a negotiation between the runnig government and Bangladesh Awami League. Because of that Khaleda Zia and her BNP dont want to take part in the election? What ever it is, does not matter. I smell kind of "Election Enginnering". Awami League is going to win the election that is for sure. But i would not vote for them atleast. Do you readers ask me whay? Watch the clips then you will understand.

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