Thursday, February 26, 2009

I never wanted to write such a painful report !

Being a Journalist i have seen many tough times in my life!!! I never wanted to write this report where i have to write that my cousin Colonel Mujibul Huq died in BDR mutiny. Hole day long Mutiny continued. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina declared amnesty to the mutineers. How come She declare that? While Two officers dead body were found near the Buri Ganga River!! Report says these officers are Colonel Mujibul Huq, Sector Commander of Dhaka and Lt. Colonel Enayet. I dont know how is Mehrin Mujib (Mili Bhabi) And Nadeet, the son of the Slain Mujib. Hope they are okey!! I don't know what happen to the fate of other officers and their children and families. I wish and hope that they all are okey.

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