Sunday, March 8, 2009

Why Colonel Gulzer Uddin Ahmed had to die?

Why BDR Mutiny? Who is Behaind this blood sheded Conspiracy?

Before going to discuss about the masterminders of the Blood Sheded BDR mutiny i want to remind my readers about one fact that this politicians of Bangladesh Awami league are corrupted and that is proven by their own confession. During the Caretaker government they were charged because of their corruption. They have the fact on their mind. And for because of whome they had to confess...? Task Force... Who were the main interrogator there Colonel Gulzar.. ex RAB Intelligence wing chief. what they have interrogated? They have interrogated about the Corruption and the Brutality of the Bangladesh Awami League. And they confessed about that.

Unfortunately we see here the persons are active about the Mutiny. Listen to the clips who are named by the Corrupted leader seikh selim and who are active to negotiate the Mutiny. Nanak Azam... Pls listen the interrogation of Sheikh Selim. May be it might be the another reason about that Colonel Gulzar Uddin Ahmed had to die. And the reason of the BDR Mutiny.

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