Monday, March 1, 2010

BDR man dies at Kashimpur Jail

Today morning i read a news in The Daily Star. The newspaper wrote:

A havilder of Bangladesh Rifles, who was an accused in the BDR mutiny case, died at Kashimpur Jail Monday morning, jail and hospital sources said.

The jail sources said Enamul Huq, 52, fell sick after taking breakfast in the morning. He was brought to Gazipur Sadar Hospiatl where doctors declared him dead. Huq, son of Luthful Huq, hailed from Rajapur, Companiganj of Noakhali District.

He served as Signal Man at the BDR Security Unit. He was brought to Kashimpur Jail on May 29 last year.

Here i found some important information that we can pick up. 1. the havilder was from the signal unit and this unit was related to the mutiny who planned and organized the mutiny. RSU is called as Rifles Signal Unit. Report earlier published in different newpapers says that RSU was the main organizer of the BDR Mutiny. And the havilder belongs to that unit.

2. The Havilder was an accused of the BDR mutiny. Is it the reason why he had to die? Can we assume that he knew anything, any sorts of important information? That might be risky for the trial....

3. The Havilder felt sick after taking his breakfast! He was brought to Gazipur Sadar Hospital where the doctors declared him dead. Is that so simple?

4. Like many others, this Havilder is one of them who faces the custodial death. How much is the custodial death, those who were held in custody because of the BDR Mutiny. 68 ...

How much is the custodial death in this deacde sice the Joint force marched for the "Operation Clean Heart", Under the so called Rapid Action Battalion, and BDR Mutiny. Wo dont know the exact figure yet. No body can say... But i assume the number is approximately more than 3000. Hope to meet my readers with an investigative report.


  1. We want some details report about the total amount of custodial death.

    --- A.A. Khan