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Bangladesh Awami League:

Golden Deer and Press Freedom context Bangladesh.

Dear Readers

This is an open letter! Why it is open letter? I don't know the basic reason why but what i feel is that - i will write this article as an open letter format. So that every body knows about the situation and feels to do something for the new threats that have emerged in Bangladesh.

Before describing the situation i would like to focus on some events that took place in this year 2010.

Dated on 01 June

Government closed the national daily Amar Desh and arrested the editor Mahmudur Rahman. He was arrested during a pre-dawn raid on the newspaper office despite the protests of the journalists present. Rahman has been charged with fraud and violence against police officers. The newspaper’s printing press has also been closed. It is notable police couldn't show any warrant during his arrest. He was taken into remand for 12 days. Had been tortured brutally.

More than 100 armed police officers carried out the raid on Amar Desh’s premises in Dhaka in the early hours of today, seizing copies of today’s issue before they were distributed and arresting Rahman in his office. Several journalists were injured during the raid and five journalists were charged with violence. Rahman was placed in pre-trial detention on a charge of fraud, while the newspaper’s printing press was also closed.

Rahman was sued 31 times, after he has published an investigative report that shows Present prime ministers son had taken 35 million dollar from the foreign energy company Chevron. It could be mention that Rahman was the energy adviser of the former government.

Reporters Without Borders condemned the closure of the newspaper and said “The Awami League government is clearly unable to tolerate criticism from this opposition newspaper and, in particular, its coverage of the controversial award of energy contracts to foreign companies. Rahman was an advisor in these matters in the last BNP government and his revelations are damaging for the government.” The press freedom organisation added: “We call for an independent and transparent investigation into the accusations that the government has brought against the newspaper and its editor. Pending the outcome of this investigation, we call on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to allow Amar Desh to resume publishing and to obtain Mahmudur Rahman’s release.”

Dated on 29th May

Access to Facebook has been blocked in Bangladesh since 29 May, reportedly as a result of both the posting of Mohammed cartoons and “shocking” satirical images of prominent politicians, including Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the opposition leader and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the country’s first president.

Reporters Without Borders also condemns the spread of this kind of censorship to nearby countries. “After Pakistan, it is now Bangladesh’s turn to make Facebook inaccessible, for religious and political reasons” Reporters Without Borders said. “We urge the Bangladeshi authorities to reverse this decision and to unblock access to Facebook without delay.”

Dated on 29th April

I would firstly like to refer you to the death of veteran journalist Foteh Osmani, the magazine Shaptahik 2000’s correspondent in the northeastern city of Sylhet, as a result of the injuries he received when attacked by unidentified armed assailants while riding on motorcycle with a friend 11 days earlier. His assailants clearly set an ambush for him even if their motives are not yet known. Three suspects were arrested.

Reporter without borders Urged to the Prime Minister that "We urge you to order an exhaustive investigation into Foteh Osmani’s murder in order to establish the identity and motives of those responsible and bring them to justice." Nothing has happened!

Dated on 27th Apri

Secondly government’s sudden decision to close down the privately-owned Channel 1 TV station, which has been broadcasting for four years. The closure was announced on 27 April by Communications Minister Raziuddin Ahmed Raju, who said it was because the station had violated the 2001 Telecommunications Act by using broadcast equipment as collateral for loans.

According to the minister, the station’s owners were unable to repay their loans with the result that the equipment was seized and auctioned off. Since then the station has been using equipment owned by another company, a procedure that is also forbidden by the same law.

In response to the closure, the head of Channel 1, Mazidul Islam, announced that he would like to be given a chance to bring the station’s situation back into line with the law.

Reporter Without Borders commented on the matter "It seems clear that Channel 1 did bend the rules when confronted by financial difficulties but we think that the action of the Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission in shutting down the station while it was in the middle of broadcasting a news programme is a violation of media freedom. The station’s closure also puts 400 people out of work."

Dated on 22 March

The Dakha police closed the Drik gallery on 22 March 2010, just before the opening of the exhibition of photos and displays about extrajudicial executions by members of Bangladesh’s Rapid Action Battalion (RAB). The exhibition is called “Crossfire,” because the police claim that their victims are caught in the crossfire when the police act in legitimate self-defence or to prevent criminals escaping. Human Rights Watch puts the number of people killed by the RAB at around 1662.

Reporters Without Borders Commented that “The censorship of this exhibition is a serious violation of freedom of expression,” Reporters Without Borders said. “The threats against our colleague, Shahidul Alam, are very disturbing and cast doubt on the possibilities of freely debating human rights issues in Bangladesh.”

Dated On 22nd October 2009

A journalist employed by the English-language daily The New Age, who was arrested and tortured by an elite crime and counter-terrorist force, the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), on 22 October in Dhaka. Members of a RAB unit identified as RAB-10 entered Masum’s home on 22 October and tortured him while others pretended to discover drugs there. They then took him to their headquarters in Dhalpur and held him for about 10 hours, torturing him and threatening to kill him with the aim of extracting a confession. The newspaper has carried articles linking the RAB to extrajudicial executions and drug cases.

Reporters Without Borders calls on the civilian and military authorities to draw the appropriate conclusions from the case of F.M. Masum. We remember the torture on Editor in Sylhet by the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB). We Remember the torture on Jahangir Alam Akash by Rapid Action Battalion. We Remember the torture on Tasneem Khalil.


  1. grave immoral act by an ASP highway bogora & CO RAB-1
    3/1/2011 8:30pm
    SP Mir Ashraf Ali of Bogora Highway impersonated himself as The SP of Bogora for the sake of showdown brought his vehicle for an imperial entrance into the neighborhood of Ulon west rampura riding a conspicuous vehicle, Mitsubishi Pajero Dhaka Metro Gho 116776 getting into 212's building at Ulon Road, West Rampura Dhaka and feasting onto the 3rd. flr. to boost up Monir & spouse Bilu- a crime committing couple being an influential member of a crime committing syndicate led by self-proclaimed Matabars specializing in land/house grabbing, lake filling, forgery, harboring creating criminals, running drugs, bribery blackmailing, prostitution, vandalizing, extortion, loan-sharking, encouraging building code violation, oppressing, attacking and ruining a renowned family… joined by Lt. Col. Rashidul Alom CO, RAB-1 he too bringing an extensive vehicles of RAB Dhaka Metro 02-3303, DM Ga 174645 etc in full gear making the area look like a block raid . Later they threatened my family to leave our very own residence or else we will be picked up and/or deface to the extent of being unrecognizable further he will make sure our whereabouts are untraceable.

  2. Article 12. of UNDHR
    No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

    Sub: A reproach against an Army Lt. Col. and some of colleagues who have been selling out the power of their uniforms providing multifarious assistance to a diehard syndicate responsible for committing abominable crimes that made our lives virtually unlivable.

    Lt Col. Rashidul Alom, Dir. RAB-1, accompanied by SP Bogora Highway Mir Ashraf Ali has been insulating his relatives (brother-in-law: Monir of 212 Ulon rd. west rampura ) and a crime committing syndicate involved multifarious crimes led by 3bros (self-proclaimed Matabars Sheeru, Shaulldin, & Momean. They have satanically persecuted us for 7dissipated long years by keeping us from earning a living, stopping our source of income, garbling our land records, keeping us under watch round the clock, bringing mobs on hire to scare abuse us ruining our social status calling us insane (PAGOL) to take away our credibility, not allowing and allowed other to mix with us, throwing full-sized bricks onto our tin-shed roof like hailstorm, poisoning 6 of our pet dogs (Canines), 3cats (Felines), distorting the autopsy reports, bugging our phones and many more….to various departments we went to for assistance to no succor obviously Lt. Col. Rashid hampered its operation deactivating. Even phoning up to have the transgressors released from police custody.

    Prior to the happenings Lt. Col. Rashedul Alom came most frequently to Monir’s building with RAB-1 sticker posted on an extensive vehicle loaded with uniformed men in full gear moving around our house with walkie-talkies in hand and getting inside 212’ feasting on the 3rd flr. Just for the sake of showdown.. Threatening us over phone to keep our mouths shut or else, sent over RAB-1 personnel to scare us out etc. I distinctly remember marauding/myriad of times doubtful activities in momentum when Lt. Col. Rashid came veiling RAB-1 in font as a cover up to bring in/out luggage/briefcases inside 212 or putting within the cars of a black Nissan marked RAB-1 Dhaka Metro Gho 02-3303, Dhaka Metro Go 17-8548, Dhaka Metro Kho 122075 and Dhaka Metro GA 174645 . What’s inside the carriers certainly no smelly undergarments? Times of Rashid's visitation invigoration swept fashioning the street urchins taking their shirts off and dangling, dancing dauntingly with ear shattering music played on deck in the street while the syndicate members came out marching to the band.

    14/12/2010. 11:15am Observably Rashid is harboring presently a criminally attitudinized male specimen that happens to be a relative Babon son of Monir & Bilu a crime committing couple. For days he was unseen till suspiciously until today brought him out of 212 and shoved inside Rashid’s car D M GA 174645 . Question is who authorized him for frequent misappropriation of government vehicle for his personal gain? A neutral investigation will reveal an exclusive array of Rashid’s & his buddy's role play as insulators of crime and an ally of injustice.

    Note: Due to the reprisals from the syndicate everyone turned into statues not risking to crack, but feigning testifiers are abundant keeping reserved surveillance round the clock.

  3. From: Nadia Sikder. 211/2 Ulan, Rd. Rampura Dhaka- 1219. Bangladesh.
    Subject: Animal Brutality.
    Contact:01191352473, 01720194213. (bugged)

    Zavier Junior, 3months old pup was put to death by a crime committing syndicate known for their malice. It has been the 6th time they have allegedly poisoned my dogs in a row.

    Police arrived to the crime site taking preparation for an on-line GD that we composed (GD Num:1019. dtd:22/5/2010.) Commencing for an autopsy in the Animal Hospital transferring to ICDDR,B (police’s own words). Within 4 days report would be affirmed....

    It was aired on T.V (Channel i) at 10:30pm.- A family of 3, making several GDs to the P.S was utterly useless for the Matabars in these hi-tech days has kept them in isolation from the society as an outcast trying to banish them from their own home ever since its contained by the clench of land grabbers, has done it again, besides poisoning their puppy.

    I am desperately awaiting for the doctors certificate but who am I to believe, whereas the viscera was never sent to ICDDR,B for analysis and the report was found to be distorted.

    Red Alert: This syndicate is insulated by Lt. Col. Rashidul Alom posted to RAB1 Uttara as Dir. Resolving all their crimes.

    I on behalf of Muttly, Amigo senior, Zavier Senior, and Zavier Junior, Sue he, and Amigo Junior(canines) with Tiny, Bravery and Georgie (felines). one that has a pure heart can seize the moment known as man’s best friend beseech your organizations assistance to come forward and prove there isanimal rights prevailing in such a territory were human rights are violated that truth and justice are just not to be dreamed of.

    Their death has shaken me uncontrollably to an irrecoverable loss.
    this write-up is in the capacity of a freelance human rights, animal rights, environmental activist.

    PS: Georgie died today at 7:00pm having sustained boiling hot marr (rice water) followed apparently by rat- poisoning. in this state of mind of am incapable of writing any further but I hope you have the heart to share my pain of in-defensibility.

  4. WASA MD Syndicated Culpability with Water Supply (WASA)
    Taqsem Khan.

    Now you found a new policy of not responding to my telephone calls. Bravo, this strategy of yours is highly applauded, alright enough with the jokes already getting to the point- No wonder, the entire chain of command is dysfunctional. You, mostly hide under the shade of the term “I’m busy” well this is business get it? I don’t call you, spending my time money & energy for pap-talks. Never have I found in my case that you have taken responsibility for your action knowing what sort of culpabilities are going on in Ulon. Sources reveal that U sort of enjoy and if not encourage having received the culprits impersonating themselves as The substantial members of this particular neighborhood but, they by no means or standards represent ULON. Did Illegal water lines just out of thin air conjured into the Grabbed Canals and your people just kept their eyes shut? Truly is hard to believe. And needless to mention your improper behavior to address a valued consumer is unacceptable, being a public servant you forget to refer one as “Sir,/Madam, yet your impertinent knows no bounds in your rowdy voice which is outrageously annoying, discourteous to the highest degree, totally unprofessional with a biased perception and egoistic for a man of your stature as if taking everything personally. By no means these are tolerable. As I see it, a conventional overhauling will yield no results whatsoever. A massive stand release could be the one and only solution at this point in time. And obviously you are not, as I made my point already DEPENDABLE AT ALL and trustworthy for, ur men didn’t show up at my doorstep today as you committed! May I ask, What kept you from sending them over and looking into my water problem? I DEMAND MY WATERLINE FIXED RIGHTAWAY….AND IT BETTER NOT RECUR IN FUTURE. And if u cannot ensure that then I assume its high time we need something who can.

    Bottom line
    “I don’t much care in what you think of yourself as what’s important is what I know you as - A Public SERVANT working Just like an efficient official… Your post and positions are good enough for elsewhere but not in such an important service providing organization like “WASA”. It is not my intention here to deliver lecture about “how you discharge your duties” except to say that your job needs an uncompromising person who performs impartial, accountant able and transparent, who doesn’t hand out any uncalled for favoritism let alone allow any sort of nepotism to anyone. Must I remind you that I contribute to WASA exchequer that in turn provides you with your monthly pay and if you don’t count that we have our differences here.

    You might as well note that a high profile investigative team is underway….i would do everything in my power to ensure that the poison ivy of the crime committing syndicate is permanently uprooted regardless of whoever is implicated.

    While we are in the process of making our country “ A Digital Bangladesh, am going to conspicuously upload this topic onto the Information Super Highway.

    (this document is initiated by a scrupulously honest, and tightly self disciplined WASA consumer under the Freedom of SPEECH & Expression Act)

  5. Sexual Harassment over cellular phone by M.Sohail RAB Media & Legal Wing Director.

    01199816209. 4/3/2011 8:04pm. 2m04s

    Obviously M. Sohail, Commander of RAB Legal & Media Wing called over cell to inquire me the meaning of the SMS forwarded to him: Pls. check out the net, typing Lt. Col. Rashidul Alom RAB-1 CO.“Just what it says, read the writing on the wall and you will get your answer in a very short while.” I replied.“This SMS is illicit and he is not going to glance what’s written in the internet.(of course he won’t, then he’ll turn into a runt if he does)“Why don’t you go to court instead?”“Because I will have the dirty job done by others as a substitute- inferring to RAB moreover the defaulters. Besides Rashid has kept me at bay from the court.“Bullshit.” He cursed.“Watch your mouth Mister.” I rigidly warned.“Then, you better stop transmitting this nonsense.”“No l wont, Freedom of Information Act has been passed not to mention Freedom of Speech and it’s a free country, everybody has the right to know what’s going on, lets just think of it as A Spread of Message. What you gonna do about that? Do whatever you can. I’m here and I’m awaiting.” He became furiously vehement verbally cussing at me ” FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU & FUCK YOU."
    TO Note: 7:35pm SMS was sent, approximately 30mins of time elapsed in ringing me. What transpired within the period? I Believe Commander Sohail informed to Lt. COl. Rashid, not only out of sheer blemished curiosity punched in the words to reveal the cat has finally been out of the bag! Could it be that the nemesis himself? Ringing thru by not acquiring his own designated mobile number:01199818251,01713040405 , personal- 01713494191,01715025935.(very smart) For who could be so fuming with rage that knows no bounds and a malignant abhorrence so shocking.

  6. Incoming Call
    01711660784----------------Jamil bonosree rampura.

    This particular number chimed hysterically in the middle of the night, receiving i became flabbergasted to hear an unfriendly voice emphasized itself to be a "JAMIL" and dont ever forget my name he warned threathening aloud. When i asked the meaning of this? He outburst that my next-door-neighbor (212 Ulon Road, West Rampura) Mr. Monir Uddin Ahmead, happens to be his relation he is planning on filing a case against you, on the other hand if you dont settle within yourselves for such a trifling matter insinuating for me to keep my mouth shut or things wont be so pretty next time for he happens to be the brother-in-law of The Minister Shipping-Shajahan Khan. A few days ago Monir met him in the Airport. Why? I asked. "Due to your botheration towards him making numerous protests opposing him for abominable crimes. When questioned where do you reside? I learnt Bonosree Rampura added to that he doesn\'t do anything for earning a living except as i gather provoking a man in his sleep in the dead of night threatening hoarsely describing himself as a common vagrant selling out The Hon. Minister of Shipping\'s Identity.

    Incoming Call
    01911336276---------Jamil\'s Wife
    A most disturbing call was unexpectedly made by Jamil\'s wife, fabricating us as International Smugglers, "you are doing to much, i am warning you,you better fix yourselves up otherwise I will single-handedly make you into size, verbally she kept on abusing incessantly using filthy word that are unutterable, many undistingushable speaking like a maniac on the loose rather sounding an addict under the influence of drugs by mimicking like a witch, making us realize to what substandard person she might be. Even outrageously asking us how would it feel like to be out on the street?

    She hadnt stopped her preposterouly insane conduct of calling several periods by disturbing us for days now!

    Note: Monir of 212 ulon happens to be as i see a compulsive criminal, an influential member of a local crime committing syndicate led by Self-proclaimed Matabars specialized in Lake/Land/Waterbody/Home Grabbing, harboring & creating criminals, selling drugs, bribery, blackmailing, prostitution,vandalizing, extortion, loan-sharking, encouraging building code violation, oppressing, attacking and ruinuing a reknowned family insulated by Monir\'s Shala Lt. Col. Rashidul Alom RAB-1 Co... Like many other persecutions me and my family had to endure on his account , in this particular instance my cell num handed over to the so called Jamil couple.

  7. In the name of Hatir Jheel Project monitored by the Bangladesh Army, location: Extreme North west corner of Ulon inestimable canals alongside are filled by night by the encroachers even as speculation add to army’s involvement isn’t just a rumor... A Lake is being filled since the inception of the endeavor some says governments doings, others an influential character, even army’s culpability helped by Eastern Developers. (obscuring as temporarily kept for now to be taken away later on as theirs no space left) currently a vast area of Lake been encroached as demarcating a plot. A Signboard is erected by Vertex View Holding Ltd is among many other adjoining houses. with the motive of claiming the gap in between... covering up with big rounded concrete tunnel slabs. And Matabar Bari Masjid ( a crime committing syndicate led by self-proclaimed Matabars insulated by a man-in-uniform...) 211/E/1 in ulon area-filling up a canal upsurges a multi-storied building that used to be an integral part of Hatirjheel that flowed south towards Rampura.Encl: Daily Ittefaq headline dtd 12 & 13 March 2010.

    PS: Sooner or later the cat will be out of the bag its a matter of time only! As opined by the general public.

    Copy To: To Whom it May Concern.

    I strongly demand Prime Minister’s direct attention into the crucial matter above.
    a mobile court is suggestible to intercede promptly.

    Your True fellowship,

    HEAL THE WORLD MAKE IT A BETTER PLACE . (sing the praise of Michael Jackson)

  8. Maj Gen. Abul Kalam Azad.
    DG. Drug Admin
    Note: This write-up is initiated with reference to my telephonic discussion with
    you on various occasions Bearing in mind a Global Crisis…..

    Dear Sir:
    By way of a ready reference, I brought to your direct attention, two dispensary shops in Ulon Rampura neighborhood whose activities from the Drug Administration’s multifarious point of view, were highly questionable as such having emphasized on an in-depth investigation, perceivably, based on your order a few strangers were observed to have been keeping the shops under surveillance for a few days that resulted in the closure of the dispensaries and sending the owners underground locking up their shops!
    To be more specific, Rabiul the owner of Alif Medical Hall, 19 Ulon was no where to be seen and just opposite to that Nazrul, owner of Kajal Medical Hall of #212 opened his shop intermittently… turned into an apparent “scrupulously mosque going person…..!”

    I distinctly remember having mentioned to you that a man in uniform and badges was insulating the crime mongers in Ulon area, for reasons I am not interested in… well, cutting through the pasturing, the hyperbole and giving it out straight, in this particular instance of the dispensaries – your business was to address to and demonstrating that “you knew your job… !” As far as I am concerned, to run a dispensary a drug license happens to be the prerequisite followed by many stringent rules and regulations…. and that any violation and/or abuse is virtually zero tolerant.

    My sources confirmed that a black vehicle Dhaka Metro Go 231583 carrying in a man-in-uniform Lt. Col. Rashid personally presented himself to the neighborhood followed by having Robiul at once split open the shutters of his shop while a sigh of relief was murmured in kajol’s dispensary (an “addakhana” will better explain it) “now, there is no problem as the car (carrying in the savior) has finally arrived on the spot?”

    I had taken the liberty of informing you once again of recent occurrences based upon your refraining from taking any action although you admitted having received written reports from your staff about the gravity of the situation and that you haven’t had the time to go through them! However, you added up that as you were in the Secretariat in a meeting, and that, as soon as you returned back to office, you will be reviewing them and would call me back for a clear update. Which, for unfathomable reasons didn’t proceed expectantly.

    When one of my associates contacted you, I regret to say, your answer sounded like one that of an egoistic one that sounded “I don’t take orders from you."

    Bottom line
    “I don’t much care about what you think of yourself , what’s important to me is what you really are - A PUBLIC SERVANT Just like everyone else that performs efficiently… further, Your uniform and badges may be elucidated / considered ornamental elsewhere but not in such an important organization like “Drug Administration”. It is not my intention here to deliver lecture about “how you discharge your duties” except to say that your job needs an uncompromising person who knows his working periphery; There is no scope of discrimination when it comes to exterminating any and all culpability” , you by no means, are posted over there to promote any uncalled for favoritism let alone institutionalize any sort of nepotism at the cost of the post and position you are holding on, after all your paycheck calls for earning it by performing well!

    Meanwhile, the aforementioned dispensaries are very much back in business and will keep on doing so unless someone comes forward to challenging them. Will it be too much to ask it from you? As in your own words, know the scope of your work and also know your job thoroughly? I’m in, for “seeing is believing!”

    Ps. Robiul has shifted his dispensary over to 26 ulon bazaar.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  9. Self-Proclaimed Matabars:Sheeru, Shalluddin, Momin, are infamously known as "Khal Chottas," specializing in Land/Lake/Home Grabbing combining with Cheat&Forgery based ingenious documentation ...ref: a Banner Headline mad by the Daily Ittefaq dated 12&13 March 2010 "Khal Dakhal Kore Dalan Kotha...Rajdhanir Ulune ek kilometer khaler naam nisha muche geche khamataddhor shatadhik bahutol bhaban maliker beparwa thaiba...sthaniyora obhijog karen ulon khalershotkora trish bhagh jomi jabar dakhal kore niyeche matabar paribar.

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