Friday, February 8, 2013

Shahbag Protest: to get justice against the war crimes.

By Anwar Hossain; Yes! It's a long waited demand, to bring the war criminals under judicial assessment! To bring justice for the victims of the independence war in 1971, who are still alive! To bring justice for the families who had to sacrifice their nearest one for the cost of Independence. Justice to them those who had sacrificed their lives for our independence. Justice for our mothers and sisters, those who were raped by the Pakistani solders and their collaborators named Razakars, Al badars, Al Shams.

This Protesters of Shahbag demanded the Justice only! But didn't got it! Why?

-Its because the government of Bangladesh Awami league is trying to negotiate with these war criminals mother organization, which is a political party name Bangladesh Jamaat i Islam. How?

-Continuous violence suddenly turned into love affairs in between the police and Jamaat e Islami's student organization named Islami Chatra Shibir. We have noticed that Shibir, (The student wing of Jamaat i Islam) was beating the police in different places of Bangladesh. They were vandalizing in different cities of Bangladesh to stop the war criminals trial by the International Crime Tribunal (ICT). Calling strikes and beating Police was one of the strategy for Jamaat i Islam to stop the trial. And Shibir was doing that very obediently.

Suddenly the peoples of Bangladesh noticed some changes in their behavior. Shibir members are distributing flowers among the police! One of the war criminals named Kader Mollah got life sentence instead of Death sentence, which was widely expected by the victims.

Bloggers and online activists understood that there is a negotiation between the ruling party Awami League and the Jamaat i Islam. It was well predicted by the bloggers and the online activists, who were concerned about the war crimes done by these criminals of Jamaat i Islam that a "kind of negotiation" might take place in between these two parties.

Bangladesh Awami League might consider this trial as a trump card to bring Jamaat in election. If Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) don't come to the election in the beginning of coming year 2014, Awami League might show the world that there is a election which is participated by many parties, possibly its ally Jatio Party and even its opponent idealist Jamaat i Islam. And the election is free and fair.

But the bloggers and online activists broke out with anger, for which they were fighting in the cyber world and demanding in reality. They burst out with anger and started a demonstration against it. They demanded the fair justice and death sentences of war criminals.  


  1. There were no war crimes until proven otherwise. Every man and woman are equal in front of the law.

  2. Yes only you can say like this because your name reflects your identity!