Thursday, February 14, 2013

Shahbag Protest: will lead the nation to a new destination.

Shahbag Protest in birds eye!
By Anwar Hossain; Hundreds of thousands people occupied the streets of Shahbag to get justice for the war crimes victims. This is our demand since our brothers were killed in 1971. Our sisters were raped by the animals of Pakistan. The Paki solders were helped by the their collaborators named Razakars, Al-Badars, Al-Shams. Its time to bring justice for them. This trial was promised by the Government. The ruling party, Bangladesh Awami League, promised us in their election manifesto that they will bring them under judicial assessment. They will bring justice for our brothers who sacrificed their lives in 1971. Our Sisters who were raped.

Instead, we see there is a negotiation under table, to bring the collaborators into the election. This, we will not tolerate! At any cost we will protect this. People from all professions, student, farmers Rikshaw pullers even children are participating spontaneously. As we protested in 1971.
Social media, such as Facebook and twitter are very active on communicating with each others. Supporters from Bangladeshis living abroad inspiring as they can not be in place.

Some says, this is Tharir Square of Bangladesh! But blogger and activists demanding the justice for the victims of war crimes says, -this not Tahrir Square, this is Shahbag!

I personally have experienced Arab Spring in Tahrir Square in Egypt through the internet, as many of us did. The basic difference is, there were outer forces which was active in the revolution and generated wrong signals in Twitter by the Twitter Bot automation Software.

But there is nothing like that. Even though activists are active in the cyber world from both side. 

Chanting slogan, dancing and singing is the beauty of this protest. A very peaceful protest that we have never seen in our life time. May be this the biggest protest ever that is taking place after the independence of Bangladesh in 1971.

Up to now this protest has been called as non political protest. Party leaders have been trying to participate in the demonstration and some of them were trying to get on the stage to deliver their political speech but were thrown out of the demonstration finally.

I don't know how secured they are, because Jamaat and Shibir will try to brake them out. I am very sure about that. But that will just ignite to the demonstration as a spark of fire! And spread it out in a violent form.
Which is very expected as the strategy of Jamaat to stop the trial of ICT.

Media committed to the independence of Bangladesh is supporting the protest but right wing media supported by the BNP and Jamaat i Islami named Daily Amar Desh, Naya diganta, Sangram is against the protest.

What can i say? Due to the respect of freedom to express them self, which is upheld by our constitution in Article 39, i have to allow this, until the court delivers its verdict. But i am awake, so that any negotiation doesn't take place. And i don't have to write my name in the lists of betrayers! Time will not spare me even!

It is true that until now this is a non political protest, non violent protest. Political forces will  try to steel this power of the protest. It will happen. Sooner or later. Time will be the best answer, I  promise. 

However, i believe Shahbag Protest will lead the nation to a new destination. That's for sure!              


  1. By these drug addicted and vagabonds a protest are being demonstrated in Shahbag. You think this will lead the nation to a new destination?

  2. How do you know these are the Drug addicted and vagabonds?

  3. Look at their attitude. How aggressive they are!