Tuesday, May 7, 2013

This death valley is not my country!

I remember, i have written another blog post in the same name. There is no point i see on writing with the same caption. But situation compelled me to write again with the same title, 'This death valley is not my country'.
Police firing on against the opposition demonstrators

Specially when i opened the online version of the daily Star and saw the news 27 people were killed in the clash between Hefajat e Islam and the law enforcing agencies. Then i opened BBC's online version and saw another news, Savar Garments tragedy death toll reached 700.

Last night some people from Jamat e Islami informed me that the death toll is more than hundreds. I didn't believe it because they always manipulate the numbers. "The more dead body, the more public sympathy for the party", this is their party policy right now. This sympathy will lead them (opposition) nearer to the power.

On the other hand government do not want to negotiate about the caretaker government issue. Fear, if they loose in the election. Their "well doings" will be prevailing by the present opposition.

I don't want to understand politics, i dont' want to understand what the feeling is, -how it feels when a person sits in the Prime Ministers chair, -how a person feels when he or she sits in a ministers chair.

But i wanna tell how it feels -when you are in a foreign land and you are experiencing these death news from the back in homeland. I wanna tell how it feels -when colleagues ask about the situation in Bangladesh.

But sorry! My words are not that strong to express my feelings. Need to update my vocabulary to express these feelings!

How many peopled died in Bangladesh in last couple of months? Specially after January 2013? How cheap a life in Bangladesh?


  1. Come home! you will see how it feels. I promise YOU will see how it feels.

    1. why he will understand only?

    2. Hala Jamat er Dalal