Tuesday, May 7, 2013

This death valley is not my country!

I remember, i have written another blog post in the same name. There is no point i see on writing with the same caption. But situation compelled me to write again with the same title, 'This death valley is not my country'.
Police firing on against the opposition demonstrators

Specially when i opened the online version of the daily Star and saw the news 27 people were killed in the clash between Hefajat e Islam and the law enforcing agencies. Then i opened BBC's online version and saw another news, Savar Garments tragedy death toll reached 700.

Last night some people from Jamat e Islami informed me that the death toll is more than hundreds. I didn't believe it because they always manipulate the numbers. "The more dead body, the more public sympathy for the party", this is their party policy right now. This sympathy will lead them (opposition) nearer to the power.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Atheist Blogger killed: A Turning point in Shahbag Protest.

Blogger Ahmed Rajib Haider 
By Anwar Hossain; A Blogger and Activist of Shahbag movement was found ddead last night, hours after the organizers decided to discontinue from today the 24 hour blockade. Like me many believes this is a turning point. Yesterday's killing prompted the organizers of Shahbag movment to abandon a plan to demonstrate in front of National Museum from 3:00pm to 10:00pm every day. The demonstration now will continue 24/7. 

In my last blog post i was worried about the security of these demonstrators. I wrote I don't know how secured they are, because Jamaat and Shibir will try to brake them out. I am very sure about that. But that will just ignite to the demonstration as a spark of fire! And spread it out in a violent form.Which is very expected as the strategy of Jamaat to stop the trial of ICT. And now it just have taken place. This is how a non violent and non political protest just colored as political and violent.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Shahbag Protest: will lead the nation to a new destination.

Shahbag Protest in birds eye!
By Anwar Hossain; Hundreds of thousands people occupied the streets of Shahbag to get justice for the war crimes victims. This is our demand since our brothers were killed in 1971. Our sisters were raped by the animals of Pakistan. The Paki solders were helped by the their collaborators named Razakars, Al-Badars, Al-Shams. Its time to bring justice for them. This trial was promised by the Government. The ruling party, Bangladesh Awami League, promised us in their election manifesto that they will bring them under judicial assessment. They will bring justice for our brothers who sacrificed their lives in 1971. Our Sisters who were raped.

Instead, we see there is a negotiation under table, to bring the collaborators into the election. This, we will not tolerate! At any cost we will protect this. People from all professions, student, farmers Rikshaw pullers even children are participating spontaneously. As we protested in 1971.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Shahbag Protest: to get justice against the war crimes.

By Anwar Hossain; Yes! It's a long waited demand, to bring the war criminals under judicial assessment! To bring justice for the victims of the independence war in 1971, who are still alive! To bring justice for the families who had to sacrifice their nearest one for the cost of Independence. Justice to them those who had sacrificed their lives for our independence. Justice for our mothers and sisters, those who were raped by the Pakistani solders and their collaborators named Razakars, Al badars, Al Shams.

This Protesters of Shahbag demanded the Justice only! But didn't got it! Why?

-Its because the government of Bangladesh Awami league is trying to negotiate with these war criminals mother organization, which is a political party name Bangladesh Jamaat i Islam. How?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The paramilitary forces have been deployed in Dhaka

Where are we heading?

By Anwar Hossain; It was six years ago. I have written a post "where are we heading" and just after six years, again i am writing the same! Yes, last couple of days Bangladesh Jamayati Islami is making chaos inside the country. The reason behind this chaos is they want to stop the War Crimes Tribunal's activities. 

Recently, 2 of their leaders were convicted for their deed in 1971. When the International Crime Tribunal (ICT) declared the verdict they become ferocious!

Calling strikes (Hartal) irresponsibly, by doing vandalism and subversive activities this party wants to stop the Tribunal's (ICT) activities.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bangladesh Awami League Corruption:

Corrupted rail minister resigns.

S.M. Anwar Hossain; Yes, i am going to talk about Bangladesh Awami League! The political party running the government since January 06, 2009 in Bangladesh. Earlier i wrote about the MPs representing this political party and about their behaviors. About their corruptions. About their revenge on Bangladesh Army. Now this time you even watch how this minister take the responsibility about his corruption. He is Mr. Suranjit Sengupta. Former Railway Minister of Bangladesh appointed by Bangladesh Awami Leage.
Barely five months into taking over as railway minister, Suranjit at a crowded press briefing on Monday announced he was stepping down in light of his discussion with the prime minister the night before.
“At the meeting with the prime minister on Sunday night, I told her that I wanted to relieve myself of the charge of the railway ministry, and she happily accepted it,” a pale-looking Suranjit had told the press briefing at the Rail Bhaban.
He also took "full responsibility" for the railwaygate scandal surrounding the recovery of Tk 70 lakh form the microbus of his now-fired assistant personal secretary on the night of April 9.
The money is said to have been part of the bribe taken from railway job seekers, and the microbus carrying Omar Faruq Talukder, the sacked APS, and two other top railway officials was headed for Suranjit's Jigatola residence.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Two journalist were murdered:

A journalist couple were killed in Bangladesh.

S. M. Anwar Hossain, A journalist couple was killed in front of their five-year-old son at their West Rajabazar residence in Dhaka early Saturday.
Sagar Sarwar, a news editor of private TV channel Maasranga Television, and his wife Meherun Runi, a senior reporter of ATN Bangla, were laid to rest at the Azimpur graveyard in the evening after four namaz-e-janazas.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bangladesh’s second chance at justice.

By David Bergman, Bangladeshis will come together this year to mark the nation's 40th anniversary of independence.
The celebration comes at a time when the Bangladesh government, now under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina, is making its second attempt to bring to account Bengalis alleged to have collaborated with the Pakistan military during the 1971 war of independence.
The struggle against the Pakistan military, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths, had widespread national support.